TBJ’s 2024 Class of 40 Under 40: Sheeba Dawood of Minerva Lithium LLC in Greensboro



Minerva Lithium LLC

Age: 33

Business address: 2901 E. Gate City Blvd, Greensboro 27406

City you live in: Greensboro

Education: Ph.D., UNC-Greensboro

Why selected: Dawood founded her own startup in lithium refinement technology. As a leader in clean energy and sustainable lithium extraction and refining, she was recognized by the Greensboro City Council. She published eight papers and a chapter of a book on nanoscience. She was awarded three grants from state and national sources. She actively participates in the Greensboro science community and mentors undergraduate students contributing to the betterment of STEM development. She founded Kingdom of Heaven, a nonprofit benefiting the underserved in the community.

Where are you a native of? India

What would you tell someone considering living and working in the Triad? The Triad offers a unique blend of economic vitality and a welcoming community atmosphere. As a professional who has experienced the benefits of residing here, I would like to highlight key factors that make the Triad an attractive destination for individuals considering living and working in the Triad: economic viability, cost-effective living, educational excellence, efficient transportation network, proximity to industries and community connectivity.

What is the Triad missing that would make it more appealing? While the Triad has a diverse economy, further efforts to attract and foster emerging industries, such as tech startups or green energy, could enhance economic resilience and provide additional job opportunities. Creating an environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship can attract talent and foster the growth of new businesses. Support for startups and initiatives that promote a culture of innovation can contribute to economic development. Perhaps, the Triad has the potential to further enhance its appeal, attracting a diverse range of individuals and businesses and fostering a thriving, sustainable community. Collaboration between public and private sectors, community organizations and residents will be key in realizing these enhancements.

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