Leading the Charge in Sustainable Lithium Refining

Minerva Lithium is dedicated to sustainably producing battery-grade lithium products, embedding sustainability into every aspect of its process. As the global push for sustainable practices intensifies, the imperative to expedite the energy transition becomes paramount. Our innovative refining solution revolutionizes lithium production by delivering high quality volumes of battery grade lithium products through eco-friendly and scalable processes.

Lithium Reserves

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Most of the lithium reserves in the United States are from continental, geothermal, and oilfield brines

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Innovating towards sustainable North American Supply Chain

Our innovative technology, combined with precipitation for critical mineral recovery, offers a safer and energy-efficient alternative to traditional refining methods. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their refining needs, allowing us to deploy our modular and scalable refining units directly on-site. This approach not only saves time and capital for our clients but also reduces carbon emissions associated with material transportation to conventional refining and recycling facilities.

Lithium: Fueling the EV revolution

Electric vehicles will comprise 86% of the global market by 2030.

Lithium carbonate demand will increase 17-fold by 2030.

Market opportunity by reducing foreign dependence for lithium refining.


Explore Minerva Lithium, your trusted global partner for premium battery materials catering to lithium battery manufacturers worldwide. With our unwavering commitment to excellence in cathode manufacturing products, we have garnered trust from commercial battery manufacturers, developers, and research labs across the globe.

At Minerva Lithium, our core focus lies in value creation through relentless product and process innovation. Through close collaboration with cathode manufacturers and battery companies, we strive to source advanced materials, enhance product features, minimize lead times, and manage supply chain risks effectively.

Leveraging our expertise and collaborative approach, we empower our partners to achieve heightened efficiency, reliability, and competitiveness in the dynamic battery industry landscape. Come aboard Minerva Lithium and embark on a journey of innovation, driving sustainable solutions for a greener and more energy-efficient future.

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