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lithium carbonate

Lithium Hydroxide



Lithium carbonate, sourced primarily from Hardrock and Salt Lake brines, sees Salt Lake brines contributing around 80% to the global lithium reserve. Consequently, extracting lithium carbonate from these brines has become a pivotal focus in the lithium battery industry worldwide. The key to success lies in developing scalable extraction technologies. During the nascent stages of the lithium extraction market, various technologies coexisted, including adsorption through sorbents, calcination, electrodialysis, and precipitation technology. To meet market demands, Minerva Lithium has undertaken robust R&D efforts. Possessing independent intellectual property rights for mineral adsorption materials and processes, it has pioneered a combination of adsorption and other technologies to effectively process brines.

N@noMosaic CAR 10 Polymeric framework adsorbent for calcium removal

N@noMosaic MAR 10 Polymeric framework adsorbent for Magnesium removal

N@noMosaic SAR 10 Polymeric framework adsorbent for Sodium removal